This project aimed to transform a discarded material into something of value, thus extending its life cycle.
HDPE bread trays are a common sight in cities. Often found stacked high behind the restaurants and markets of Toronto, these plastic trays are given little thought. Used solely for the transportation of baked goods from factory to store, they play an important role within the food delivery system. 
The trays found in these stacks are not trash, but some searching yielded one broken unit which had been unnecessarily discarded. Myself and my group partner opted to focus on this product for up-cycling.
There was immense opportunity for up-cycling this tray. Within the design, we attempted to retain the material’s visual nature through emphasis of the grid. The handles remain a part of the chairs design- maintaining ease of movement, just as it was during its life as a bread tray. 
The process involved cutting away broken and unnecessary elements of the tray before carefully heat bending the seat. Wooden frameworks were constructed and the seat was assembled. Aluminum angle-stock was incorporated on each of the four corners, to which the legs and connection supports were attached.